What are the benefits of Weight Lifting?


Whenever we think about losing weight or even just getting into better physical shape, the first thing that comes to mind is usually cardio, particularly for females. The mere thought of having to do extreme amounts of cardio to shed a few pounds can be exhausting, especially for those of us that hate it with a passion!

In the process of losing weight, getting fit, or just trying to be healthier, cardio is beneficial, but it is NOT the only exercise routine that is going to help.

Here at LIFT, we recommend “Weightlifting” as it includes lots of benefits other than defined muscles.

No. 1 Weightlifting Reduces Your Body Fat Percentage

Lifting weights is going to improve your metabolism. Improved metabolism is going to help reduce body fat without having to change your diet drastically….yaasss I here some of you say!

No. 2 It Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

Studies have found that moderate strength training and an increase in overall muscle mass can reduce a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If you are already diagnosed with type two diabetes, regular strength training and an increase in muscle mass can help combat insulin resistance, high blood sugar levels, and body fat. Remember to always consult your doctor before starting a new fitness regime.

No. 3 It Allows Better Blood Sugar Control

Weightlifting has been proven beneficial in regulating blood glucose, which can be valuable in people with diabetes.

No. 4 It Can Help Reduce Depression Symptoms

While medication and therapy are going to be vital when it comes to treating depression (at LIFT we always recommend speaking to your doctor if you are suffering from depression) one often-overlooked helpful treatment is exercise. Weightlifting improves emotional health just as much as physical health. Studies have shown that all types of exercises, including weightlifting, work wonders in helping to reduce symptoms of depression and improving your state of mind.

No. 5 It Reduces Osteoporosis

As we mature, we become less mobile and we start to lose bone mass and muscle. Weightlifting has proven to fight this issue because muscle adapts to the new workouts and become bigger while you are weightlifting.

No. 6 It’s Going to Make You Mentally Stronger

When your body feels stronger, you are going to feel stronger mentally. Weight training is going to teach you to persevere even when you want to stop, challenge yourself, push yourself and remain focused on your goals, even when the weight becomes too heavy. And while you are lifting those weights, the idea of stopping might cross your mind, but then you think about the rewards and benefits, you will want to continue. This makes you mentally stronger!

No. 7 Weightlifting Helps To Prevent Back Pain

Many people struggling with back pain, but weightlifting can help fight that. Weightlifting (when completed correctly) strengthens the muscles of your core to reduce discomfort in your back, and since the core muscles are the ones that support your spine, this is essential.

If you are completely new to weight lifting, fear not LIFT is here to help you. Contact us about learning how to LIFT free weights today!