How To Align Your Chakra’s

If you ever felt slightly out of balance for no reason, it might have something to do with the 7 energy centers located in your body—these are called your chakra’s!

What are chakra’s?

The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and refers to the form of these energy centers that unite mind, body, and soul and translates to “wheel” or a “disk.”

Everyone has seven main energy centres in their body, also known as chakra’s. They start at the top of the head and move straight down to the bottom of your spine. If you’re new to the term Chakra’s, it may be difficult to understand what each of them represents, here is a guide;

Chakra’s serve as processors and distribute of energy needed to keep our body aligned. Their alignment is responsible for health, wellbeing, and vitality throughout our lives. According to yoga practice, energy flows effortlessly across your body when your chakra’s are open.

When your chakra’s are blocked, internal energy builds up, throwing the relationship between mind, body, and soul into disharmony. Each of the seven chakra’s has a place in your body and its imbalance can cause some of the most common problems many people experience daily.

How do I balance my chakra’s? 

Chakra meditations are the easiest way to restore the balance of your chakra’s.

Meditation provides you with the space to connect with your inner self and work on different areas of your body, mind, and spirit and harness the energy stored in them. Chakra meditations can be used to encourage peace and relaxation, as well as to promote spiritual awakening.

Cleansing your chakra’s will bring harmony to your life and reduce the impact of stress on your body. 
Each month we release new meditations, which you will find in our members, mindset area. To support you on your mindfulness journey, this month we have created several meditations which specifically help you to cleanse your chakra’s and realign your centre. 

Try them out today and enjoy the benefits of serenity!