How to relieve PMS Symptoms


As you’re right in the middle of your PMS journey, you may have a hard time managing the symptoms. 
Here are some tips to help ease your symptoms!

1. Exercise
Our fitness membership will help you reach your fullest potential by giving you the best exercises. Only 30 minutes of daily exercise can boost your productivity, ease bloating, and help you manage your digestion. Follow our workouts online or the recordings on our website and spend your day to the fullest!

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol
Alcoholic beverages during the last few days before your menstruation can lead to changes in hormonal levels, making your symptoms worse. Coffee is ok in moderation, but it’s important to also properly hydrate your body by drinking more water when consuming coffee. 

3. Get more sleep although this may be too optimistic, the easiest way to ease your symptoms is to sleep. Lack of sleep can make you feel more irritated and make you more susceptible to PMS headaches. Getting enough sleep can solve most of our daily issues. 

4. Reduce your salt intake
Many women experience bloating as one of the first signs of PMS. While regular salt consumption may not present as an issue in our day-to-day lives, during PMS it can make your body retain more water. 
We know you might crave salty food and snacks but try to keep it within the recommended salt intake for the day. 

5. Taking a relaxing warm bath that will not only make you feel better but will also help ease your abdominal pain. Warm water is known to help with muscle tension and can be of great help in this situation. Put some bath salts or a bath bomb in and enjoy some quiet time.