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It’s all about growing…from little acorns mighty trees grow!

Our story…In the beginning, LIFT started with just Tiff…she was never much a fan of fitness, she didn’t feel the need to factor a fitness routine into weekly life. Then one day we were told to stay at home, aka lockdown 1 and the onset of the lockdown bulge!

She began to start lifting some of Darran’s weights (the brains behind LIFT, or so he thinks!) Darran, a fitness professional with over 30 years experience wrote her a fitness plan and along with her cousin, Natalie, began to train 3 – 4 times per week.

Tiff immediately fell in love with LIFTing, and after a few months of seeing the changes in both herself and Natalie decided to find out more…not long down the line, and with a Personal Training qualification in tow, along with her teaching and counsellor qualifications, she decided to build a studio gym in the garden. Specialising in teacher females to lift free weights, Tiff adapted her approach to incorporate mindset coaching within her PT sessions, something her clients not only benefited from but, most importantly went away feeling positive and ready to take on the day ahead.

When we rolled into a second lockdown, Tiff had clients whom she could no longer train in the gym and the idea of a cold wintery park, for most, was not ideal. She began to train her clients online, offering strength training and legs, bums and tums classes. She did not want to see their fitness and mental health suffer during gym closures.

Over the following few months LIFT emerged, and the idea of encompassing not only a fitness routine but a mindset and nutrition regime seemed of the up most importance to ensure all her clients where active. A website was built a long with a membership area, in which clients could gain access to the LIVE workout classes, recordings, nutrition support and mindset coaching.

We have since gone on to recruit a team of fitness professionals from across the UK and World to support people in all areas of life.

Together we bring you the HOME HEALTH club with access to online LIVE classes along with 24/7 workouts for you to choose from, nutrition support and mindset coaching. In addition we can provide you with a Personal Trainer who you can train with you from the comfort of your own home or a small private gym.

The idea behind, LIFT has always been to support people in not just their physical health but their emotional wellbeing. After all, our mind, body and spirit form a whole and we need to ensure our alignment is on point in order to live a full life.

Tiff will always be at the heart of LIFT, greeting every new member personally on application, to hosting some online classes and personal training.

Our mission

LIFT Health & Fitness encourages people to overcome their physical and personal barriers by building confidence within themselves. We use a combination of strategies to open each individual’s unique mindset, via one to one personal training, mindset coaching, nutritional support and guidance.


Tiffany Porter

Personal Trainer, Counsellor and Founder

I am very passionate about supporting people to take control of their physical and psychological wellbeing. Whether it be as a teacher, counsellor, personal trainer or offering nutritional advice.

My career has taken me to many wonderful places, from North to South, with a little detour to New Zealand, meeting a plethora of people with some amazing outlooks on life, so many of them have impacted on me, in such a positive way, that I wanted to share these teachings with you.

Craig Greenwood

 Personal Trainer and Owner of LIFT North West, England

During my own fitness journey I have experienced both fat loss and muscle building phases. I want to help you become the best version of yourself both mentally and physically. I will help you to build your confidence and to start enjoying exercise again, by pushing you beyond your limits and helping you to stay accountable session by sessions!

Thomas Stockton

 Personal Trainer and Owner LIFT Midlands, England

Hey, my name is Thomas Stockton and I am a personal trainer and online coach with a passion for health and fitness. My journey began 9 years ago and my time in the gym consisted of anything from bodybuilding to powerlifting style training. I later discovered bodyweight fitness which I became a big fan of due to being able to workout anywhere, learn cool skills and most importantly because its fun! I now take a more holistic approach to training through strength, mobility and endurance work.

Alya salem

 Personal trainer and Owner LIFT Dubai and New York

I am a Palestinian American currently residing in Dubai, UAE. However, I’ve been wanting to expand my scope of work above and beyond internationally. I’m experienced in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for more than six years. I’m certified in both personal training and group fitness instruction. I specialize in training women, women’s health, strength & conditioning, weight loss, toning, and barre. In addition, I offer personalized online coaching services and home workout plans. I am also a huge advocate for flexible dieting, as that is what likely contributes to sustainable and long-lasting results.


Yoga, FitSteps and Zumba Instructor

I’ve been instructing various classes for 30 years from Rosemary Conley, Aerobics, Step, Zumba, Fitsteps, Yoga and Pilates. As a mum of three, I’ve found yoga has given me so much physically and mentally, it’s just a case of getting on the mat. Yoga improves balance, strength and flexibility. It reduces stress, insomnia and unwinds body and soul. Yoga is something everyone can join and enjoy.

Gemma Bolton

Office Manager and Nutritional Therapist & Diet Coach

Gemma is our Nutritional Therapist & Diet Coach. Gemma helps people to achieve their optimal health and regain vitality through individually tailored nutrition plans and lifestyle recommendations.
Her aim is to empower clients to take responsibility for their own health and well being through good nutrition.
She offers one-to-one consultations and provides plans to help you achieve your goals. When she isn’t working she is a fitness enthusiast with a particular interest in Weight Training and Muay Thai Boxing.


Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Brad “Kit” is full of enthusiasm and brings lots of energy to our team. He is passionate about health, fitness and exercise. He particularly enjoys helping clients achieve their goals. 
Join Brad in his “Fit with Kit” sessions LIVE in our membership area or book in for a one to one PT session with him. 


Certified Sports Scientist / Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

I am a certified Sports Scientist / Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with 13 years of experience. I specialise in rehabilitation and Physiology and a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. I’ve been instructing various classes such as cross training, strength, mobility etc. I am also a certified Sport Nutritionist and I been a lecturer in the industry for many years. I like my classes to be enjoyable but also help you to gain the results you want, and always with safety. I see body and mind in a holistic way, so I incorporate nutrition, fitness and inner wellness as one.

John McDonald

Fitness Instructor

I am a certified fitness instructor of 5+ years with over 10 years of being involved to some degree in the fitness and wellness industries. When I am not in the gym in the winter time I am snowboarding and in the summertime I hike and embrace the outdoors. I have experience catering to the many different needs of clients such as people who need to slim down and target specific muscles for snowboarding purposes to powerlifters, to bodybuilders who look to build strength and muscle respectively


Personal Trainer

Hi everyone! I’m Tim from Cardiff! Train with me and get fit @ home with programs built around your goals and experience. My workouts use what you have to hand, dumbbells, resistance bands or just your bodyweight. I train all sorts of people from all walks of life.


Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition

Hello, my name is Tupaq and I am an experienced athlete with several years of coaching experience, with mostly women. My qualifications include level 3 Personal Trainer certification and Precision Nutrition level 1 coach certification. My focus areas are strength & conditioning, nutrition and mindset. I believe that my athletic background allows me to coach people from a different perspective and relate to them on a deep level. If you decide to work with me, I will be more than happy to coach you and help you to achieve any goal that you have.


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