5 Superfoods For Age-Defying Beauty


Do you end up spending too much money and time on anti-aging products?It’s time to rid yourself of overpriced skincare products that supposedly rejuvenate your skin. Let’s turn to Mother Nature for these 5 superfoods which have proved results in age-dying beauty.

1. Goji Berris

Goji Berries are one of the highest nutritionally dense foods on Earth. These berries which originate in Tibet are believed to be anti-aging miracles! Studies have found that goji berries are a perfect addition to your beauty regime due to their high concentration of fatty acids and minerals.
They even promote the release of the human growth hormone, which can result in long lasting revitalising effects.

2. Aloe Vera

Do you pay for expensive Botox? Well forget Botox as Aloe Vera has been proven to increase collagen production in a 100% natural way. For plump skin and anti-wrinkle completion, scrape out the gel, avoiding the outside leaf as this is a laxative effect. Mix the gel with a selection of your fruits, and there you have it… your Aloe Vera smoothie!

3. Avocados

Avocados have an amazing rejuvenating effect on your skin, and they taste great! Avocado oil has a very high penetration rate when applied to the skin. So feel free to smear this on your face and skin. If mixed with brown sugar, this makes your very own homemade scrub to remove dry skin!

4. Chlorella

If you are fed up of avocados, then why not try something different, say algae? Chlorella is one of the best sources of DNA and nucleic acids RNA which direct cellular growth. If you have insufficient levels of nucleic acid this can cause premature aging, so restocking your body can be vital for prolonging your immunity, health, longevity and beauty!

5. Bee Pollen

As we all know, bees are amazing creatures which provide us with some of the greatest gifts nature has to offer. Bee pollen prevents premature cell aging and helps to stimulate the growth of new skin tissue. It drives new life into damaged cells and helps protect against dehydration, which can lead to years being removed from your face!